EMS is Electric Muscle Stimulation. EMS training combines external electrical stimulation with specially designed exercises allowing you to achieve astonishing results with minimal effort. Simply put, EMS is a health and fitness hack that allows you to build muscle and burn fat in a fraction of the time of conventional training.


How it works

In traditional exercise, your brain sends electrical signals to you muscles through the spinal cord and nerves that tell your muscles to contract. In EMS training, the electrical signals are sent directly to your muscles externally via electrodes placed throughout our specially designed suits. Your muscles can’t tell the difference of the origin of the signal and they contract, creating resistance. Muscle is built and fat is burned by working against this resistance. Our certified personal trainers guide you through a series of exercises customized to your specific goals. A full body workout that once took 4-6 hours can now be achieved in only 20 minutes! Click here to learn more (redirect to benefits page)