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Time saving - Only 20 minutes a week, the time saving benefits of a whole body EMS workout are unparalleled by anything else the fitness industry has ever seen. What used to once take years with conventional training is now attainable in only a few short months! While most achieve the results they want in only 3 months, you will have noticeable results in only weeks! This is the number one benefit that our clients enjoy. Tummo EMS gives you back your time.

Full body workout - During an EMS workout more than 92% of your skeletal muscle is activated!

Safe for everyone - EMS for fitness is FDA approved and suitable for all ages and training levels (18+ recommended)

Customized - Our certified personal trainers will custom tailor your workouts specifically around your individual goals and needs

Burn fat - The most common goal of our clients and the specialty of EMS training. Up to 1200 calories are burned from a single EMS session! Combined with our customized nutrition plans there is no stronger one-two punch for burning fat! Our certified nutritionists will teach you how got keep the fat off for good!

Build, strengthen and tone muscle - For those wanting to build new muscle, or those simply wanting to tone what they have as they burn fat, EMS workouts can be customized to fit your goals. Different frequencies on the MIHA Bodtec II machine are used to achieve different goals, and our knowledgeable trainers will make sure you are sculpting your body exactly how you want to. After just a few workout sessions, you will typically see results in your chest, arm, and leg muscles.

Improve metabolism - Your body becomes a fat burning powerhouse for up to 72 hours after a training session, and continues to burn up to 630 calories in the three days after your workout!

Improve metabolism - Your body becomes a fat burning powerhouse for up to 72 hours after a training session, and continues to burn up to 630 calories in the three days after your workout!

Increase strength and endurance - Typically, with traditional training, only 40-70% of your strength potential is used. EMS allows more of your muscles to work together and increases the level of muscle contractions, allowing you body to use upwards of 90% of its muscles, and providing superior results in less time

Safety - At Tummo, your safety is our number one priority. Simply put, Tummo is the safest, cleanest, and most efficient way to exercise. Compared to traditional strength training, EMS workouts create less strain on the joints, less cardiac stress (lower heart rate and blood pressure) and less central nervous system fatigue (when your CNS is fatigued, you’re more likely to make a mistake). Furthermore, if you make a mistake with your technique in traditional training, the results could be catastrophic, ending in injury, where small mistakes in EMS training are generally tolerated.

Protects joints - Where traditional training increases the stress on the joints as you increase the load, EMS allows higher intensities while placing lower stress on the joints

Focus on specific muscles - Your trainer has the ability to increase intensity in specific muscles while you’re performing different exercises. For example, we will turn up your glutes as you are doing exercises that target them.

Supports immune system - It’s been shown that moderate endurance sports and targeted muscle development strengthen the body and the immune system. This benefit only comes from training EMS regularly.

Increase in fast twitch muscle fibers - Fast twitch muscle fibers are responsible for fast, explosive movement such as jumping or sprinting. These muscles require and burn lots of energy (fat!) and are normally harder to target than their slow twitch counterparts. In traditional strength training, slow twitch muscle fibers are always trained first with the fast twitch fibers getting stimulated towards the end of the workout. Whereas in Tummo EMS training, fast twitch muscle fibers are automatically targeted at the beginning of the workout with slow twitch fibers. Studies have shown an increase of 35% to 55% of fast twitch muscle fiber, as well as an increase of 10% to 20% of slow twitch fibers.

Sport specific movement - In the past, we had to guess which exercises would strengthen specific muscles the right way to transfer into a sport specific motion (For example, a boxer might do various shoulder exercises such as dumbbell presses, lateral raises, etc. in hopes that this would transfer into punching power.) We now have the ability to strengthen the exact muscles being used in your sport. How about if your baseball or golf swing could be practiced unobstructed with as much resistance as you want? Or practicing your jab and strengthening the exact muscles you use to throw that punch, the possibilities are endless. All this with the added benefit of minimal strain on your joints.

Reverse muscle atrophy - After middle age, adults lose 3% of their muscle strength every year, on average. This limits their ability to perform many routine activities. This condition is known as sarcopenia, and unfortunately, it shortens the lifespan of those it effects. In short, everyone needs muscle, and Tummo EMS is the easiest, safest, most effective way to maintain and grow new muscle

Reduce back pain - it’s estimated that 80% of Americans will suffer from back pain at some point in their life. Our knowledgeable trainers have been trained on how to specifically deal with back pain, through a series of exercises integrated with EMS, slowly opening your range of motion. Proven effects on back pain in EMS studies: - 88% of participants significantly reduced their level of back pain! - After just 2 training sessions, 20% were pain free, and 50% after six weeks. - The frequency and duration of pain fell by more than 80%. - After 2 weeks of EMS training, the pain intensity decreased by 50%, after six weeks, by 87% - 40% of participants had chronic back pain, after six weeks of training this was just 9%! - In 44% of the chronic pain patients the pain had completely gone - the endurance level for typical everyday back strains (lifting heavy loads, manual labor, housework, sports, driving a vehicle or sitting for long periods) improved by up to 30% - there biggest improvements were seen in the first 2 to 4 training units

Strengthen pelvic floor - Incontinence problems (particularly stress urinary incontinence) and pelvic floor weaknesses are a widespread issue for women - according to official statistics, one in four women are effected and some experts even estimate it to be as high as two thirds of women! Pregnancy, obesity, and intensive pelvic loads are all contributors. Strengthening the pelvic floor through other means of exercise usually requires intense concentration on those muscles as well as a significant amount of time holding certain poses (as in yoga or pilates exercises). Whereas in EMS, the pelvic floor and deep core muscles are targeted automatically and rather effortlessly. EMS studies show that the symptoms eased by approximately 75% after just six weeks of EMS training.

Reduce cellulite - Strengthening of connective tissue, increased blood flow, and decreased unnecessary fat cells (cellulite) are all positive effects of EMS training. Additionally, our trainers can target problem areas with a lower impulse intensity to help further increase blood circulation and activation of fat removal in cellulite- prone areas.

Increase mobility and core strength - Deep core muscles that are hard to reach with traditional training methods (such as the pelvic floor and autochthonous back muscles) are automatically activated with very little ease during EMS training. Our experienced and knowledgeable trainers will guide take you through and expand your range of motion through exercises designed for your specific goals

Feel great! - Countless studies have shown the positive effects that exercise can have on mood and overall mental well being. Such benefits include increased vitality, improved body perception, increased resistance to stress, and regulation of appetite. Seeing the results from your hard work quickly has an even added benefit to your mental health. EMS training is hands down the fastest way to see these results. Fight depression, overcome anxiety and fear great with Tummo!

Proven effects on strength in EMS studies: - Increase in isometric maximum strength of 8-9% after just four training sessions - Increase in maximum dynamic strength by an average of 17% - For men, increase in size in upper arms, chest, back, shoulders and thighs, which go beyond the results of classic hypertrophic methods - For women, no increase in size despite significant increases in strength, consequently fears about “huge mountains of muscle” are unfounded (apparently hormone related) - improvements of 34% in static strength endurance after 6 weeks of training and put to 108% in dynamic strength endurance in averagely trained persons - greatest increase in strength, in particular maximum strength, seen 2-3 weeks after training.