Full body workout

During an EMS workout more than 92% of your skeletal muscle is activated, with hard to reach deep core muscles being targeted automatically.

Improve metabolism

Your body becomes a fat burning powerhouse for up to 72 hours after a training session, and continues to burn up to 630 calories in the three days your workout!

Build, strengthen and tone muscle

For those wanting to build new muscle, or those simply wanting to tone what they have as they burn fat, EMS workouts can be customized to fit your goals.  Different frequencies on the MIHA Bodytec II machine are used to achieve different goals, and our knowledgeable trainers will make sure you are sculpting your body exactly how you want to.  After just a few workout sessions, you will typically see results in the muscles of your chest, arms, and legs.

Sport specific movement

In the past, we had to guess which exercises would strengthen specific muscles the right way to transfer into a sport specific motion (For example, a boxer might do various  free weight exercises in hopes that this would transfer into punching power.)  We now have the ability to strengthen the exact muscles being used in your sport.  How about if your baseball or golf swing could be practiced unobstructed with as much resistance as you want?  Or practicing your jab and strengthening the exact muscles you use to throw that punch, the possibilities are endless.  All this with the added benefit of minimal strain on your joints.



Every client owns their own pair of specially designed long underwear at Tummo.  A brand new pair will be issued to you at your first session.  (Additional pairs are available for purchase) After every training session the vests and electrodes are sanitized.  You and your trainer (who will be wearing a mask) are the only two people in the studio at a time.  Safety is our number one concern at Tummo.


At Tummo, your safety is our number one priority.  Simply put, Tummo is the safest, cleanest, and most efficient way to exercise.  Compared to traditional strength training, EMS workouts create less strain on the joints, less cardiac stress (lower heart rate and blood pressure) and less central nervous system fatigue (when your CNS is fatigued, you’re more likely to make a mistake).  If you make a mistake with your technique in traditional training, the results could be catastrophic, ending in injury, where small mistakes in EMS training are generally tolerated.

Ever Experience Back Pain?

It’s estimated that 80% of Americans will suffer from back pain at some point in their life. Our knowledgeable trainers have been trained on how to specifically deal with back pain, through a series of exercises integrated with EMS, slowly opening your range of motion.  Proven effects on back pain in EMS studies:

  • 88% of participants significantly reduced their level of back pain!

  • After just 2 training sessions, 20% were pain free, and 50% after six weeks.

  • The frequency and duration of pain fell by more than 80%.

  • After 2 weeks of EMS training, the pain intensity decreased by 50%, after six weeks, by 87%

  • 40% of participants had chronic back pain, after six weeks of training this was just 9%!

  • In 44% of the chronic pain patients the pain had completely gone

  • The endurance level for typical everyday back strains (lifting heavy loads, manual labor, housework, sports, driving a vehicle or sitting for long periods) improved by up to 30%

  • Their biggest improvements were seen in the first 2 to 4 training units

Try it for yourself! It only takes 20 minutes

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